Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Borang Pendaftaran 'Malaysian Gold Jamboree 2011'

Bagaimana hendak mendaftar Program 'Malaysian Gold Jamboree 2011' ?
  1. Baca dan fahami segala maklumat berkaitan dengan program seperti yang terkandung dalam laman blog ini.
  2. Baca dan fahami syarat-syarat penyertaan, "terms & condition" sebelum tuan/puan membuat bayaran dan mengisi borang penyertaan.
  3. Setelah bersetuju menyertainya, sila buat pembayaran yuran penyertaan sebelum melengkapkan borang penyertaan. Kaedah pembayaran adalah seperti di bawah : 

     4.  Sila sms 019-4589908 (En. Mad) untuk memaklumkan berkenaan dengan pembayaran yang dibuat.

     5.  Download borang penyertaan dan lengkapkannya.

        6.  Faks kan borang yang telah siap diisi ke : 
                                        *    04-5753690 (attn: En. Mohamad Bin Saud) atau
                                        *   emailkan ke - malaysiangoldjamboree@gmail.com (attach)

       7. Penyertaan yang diterima akan diproses. Nama tuan/puan akan disenaraikan dalam 

          dalam tempoh 24 jam ke 48 jam setelah penyertaan tuan/puan disahkan.

8.  Sila hubungi kami jika tuan/puan menghadapi masalah... KLIK SINI...

LEGAL NOTICE & DISCLAIMER Participation. : In the event is at participant's own risk. The Participant hereby declares warrants and represents to the Organizer that the participant is 18 years or above. (Participant below the age of 18 is required to complete the 'Parental )
Consent' section provided below).

As a matter of caution, the Participant ought to :

i) Have sought medical examination to ensure that the Participant is certified to be medically fit to participate in the Event;
ii) Wherever applicable, have sought to ensure that the Participant's insurance policy is not void or voidable as result of the Participant’s participation in the Event;
iii) Have ensure that the Participant’s sporting equipments and safety gears have been recently examined by a skilled bicycle mechanic and services and certified to be fit for use in such an Event;
iv) Have taken cognizance of the fact that the trail designated for this Event is extremely challenging and hence requiring much endurance and technical skill to surmount.

I HEREBY DECLARE that I have read and fully understood the terms and conditions of participant in the Event and I participate in the Event at my own accord without any duress and I hereby confirm my unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of participation and hereby waive any right of claim against the Organizer, their members, employees, agents or such other Parties involved whether directly or indirectly in the preparation, organization and / or management of MALAYSIAN GOLD JAMBOREE / MAJLIS BELIA DAERAH SPU.

 atau tuan/puan boleh membuat pendaftaran secara online.

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